Inter-agency network grows business and customer confidence

working in partnership, Zambezi Digital

Being an all-rounder may make you popular on the school sports field but in business being a specialist counts. The only difficulty is what to do when a client needs something you don’t offer.

That’s why digital marketing agency, Zambezi Digital, are partnering with Content Strategist, Rachel Hodges. They see the value, and business growth potential, of bringing in the skills of other professionals when a project or client require it.

“When working with like-minded specialists, we’re able to easily grow the skill-set of our business and broaden the network of clients available to us. Customers also benefit from being offered a broader suite of services they do not have to search for. Plus, they are reassured that they are working with someone recommended by a trusted source.” Zambezi Digital

If you would like to find out how working with a Content Strategist would be good for your business, get in touch.