Helping charity define its voice

Sometimes, the best way we support our clients is not generating content for them but giving them the tools to tell their own stories.

Creating robust Writing Guidelines that define an organisation’s unique language and how their brand looks in words sets them on a journey to communication independence.

This is exactly what we undertook for THCH, a charitable housing provider managing over 3,000 homes in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Established in 2000, they empower residents, encourage communities to thrive and deliver sustainable investment to existing and new housing stock. Fabrik Brands introduced us to the project, identifying we could supply the guidance and direction the charity were looking for. 

Time spent within the charity’s key strategic documents built up a picture for us of an approach to language that was right for the charity. This was supplemented by establishing who within the organisation would be involved with shaping the charity’s communications and what was their experience to date.

The finished guidelines were a compact guide for everyday communication that considered current internal skills along side their audience’s backgrounds and needs.


Before you start

Always remember that effective writing is there to inform and not impress.

Know what you want others to understand from any text before you start to write.

Say content ideas aloud or make notes to help identify if the text makes sense and flows correctly.

Imagine you are writing for a panel of typical readers. What do they need to know?