Interviewing some of short films greatest makers

Some of the greatest short films ever seen slip in between TV episodes as commercials or run alongside the main feature at cinemas.

Shots is there to ensure such creativity is applauded: a collective of specialists and journalists who track the talent and global output of some the world’s finest short-story tellers.

Shots have their finger firmly fixed on the trending pulse. They needed copy informative enough for industry insiders to subscribe to while remaining an energetic good read.

Donning our journalist’s hat, we joined the Shots freelance editorial team to interview filmmakers about their latest creative projects. What was needed was an exploration of their talent and inspirations rather than a checklist of endorsed products and release dates.

Assignment highlights include meeting cartoonist and Simon’s Cat creator, Simon Tofield, when his feline short films had just become a You Tube sensation and being invited to a Rihanna concert by one of music’s zanier directors, Simon Henwood.

Project overview:

  • Subject interviews
  • Tone of voice adoption
  • Complete content delivery

“Rachel was hired on a number of occasions to write pieces for shots magazine and each time the work was of a very high standard; perfectly written and researched, and delivered ahead of the agreed deadline. She is always thorough in her understanding of the topic/theme/person before embarking on the piece and Rachel is a writer I would have no hesitation in recommending.”

Danny Edwards, Shots Editor