Meeting highest expectations of HE client

Bringing a consistent and engaging voice to content of every kind is central to what we do.

With the creative agency Fabrik Brands handling design, we were brought in to align and polish a range of key commercial documents for City University.

The organisation already had a very clear vision for its writing style and brand tone of voice. Our remit was to absorb and replicate their active voice across the suite of internal documents.

Corporate documents often include contributions from multiple authors with relevant organisational expertise. What’s required is our skills to rewrite strategies and brochures in a cohesive single voice to engage audiences and meet internal writing style guidelines.

Sharing initial text samples with the client reassured them about the direction of change and helped reduce first draft edits. Painstaking proofreading for this project was definitely time well spent.

Project overview:

  • Gaining organizational understanding
  • Adopting closely preserved writing guidelines
  • Rewriting content to single, corporate voice