Assessing web content for new build

When experienced vertical transportation engineers, The Lift Consultancy (TLC), began planning to replace their existing website they wanted help deciding which current content had value to merit its transfer to a new site. They needed to better understand the value and quality of existing content, and then to be given a rationale for streamlining over 100 web pages created in just six years. It was essential that their commercial growth and strong reputation could be demonstrated through the website.

After a few hours of consultation, we helped them understand where the value of their current content lay by carrying out a complete Content Audit. This mapped the entire website, identifying each page individually, where it lived in the site map, its relevance, and giving the on-page content a quality grading. Identifying quality is an audit’s essential final step to identify content worthy of migration and current content gaps that need to be filled.

Within our Competitor Analysis, we reviewed competitor websites identifying opportunities and features not currently under consideration for the new website. This allowed us to amend and confidently develop the draft site map, or Information Architecture (IA), they had previously sketched out for their new website.

“It’s been incredibly helpful to understand the value and quality of our website content, when looking towards implementing something new for the company. As a Content Strategy consultant, Rachel gave us an essential external viewpoint. She has been able to question and analyse our current site and help us plan for future developments.”

Gabriel Murray, Director The Lift Consultancy

We gave TLC a clear understanding of the website content’s value and the asset it could be for their new website. They have gone on to work with a developer to deliver a website that showcases their experience and talents, confident in the written content they already have and where they need to create more for an effective finished product.

image of Lift Consultancy website - website planning Rachel Hodges - London Content Strategist