Hear it from us first

We don’t expect you to work with us without knowing a bit more first. Here’s a run-down of things it’s good to know…

  • Do I need a creative brief before contacting you?

    To produce work for our clients as quickly as possible, we need to understand what you are looking for. If you have a written brief, we’ll work from that. If you’re not quite there, let’s start by hearing what you need, and we’ll walk you through our requirements from there.

  • Do you offer free quotations?

    We offer free 30-minute business consultations to potential new clients. Once appointed for a contract, time spent being briefed is billed as project time.

  • How are you to work with?

    You can rely on us to put our clients first. We’ll do everything we can you meet your deadlines, match your style guides, and keep you up to date with progress. Count on us as one of your own team.  

  • How many rounds of amends do you include?

    Unless otherwise requested, we include adapting draft text twice when costing projects. Further amends can be made, and time spent on these is added to overall project costs.  

  • How much do you charge?

    All prices quoted consider the complexity of the work and the time required to complete it. Our starting day rate is £300, and minimum charge £150. For smaller projects, we total up hours worked across the timeframe of the contract rather than calendar days worked on.

  • Can we see an early text draft?

    We can submit a version of written work early into a project to ensure tone of voice and copy delivery meets client requirements.

  • Do you have a contract for us to sign?

    We work within the bounds of our clients’ contracts and NDAs where agencies hire us to take on work on behalf of their own clients. When hired directly by businesses we can issue them with our own contract and may require a deposit payment.