Bringing out the best in a brand

Jewellers CARAT* have kept the same simple mission for 20 years – to create fashion and fine jewellery, working exclusively with superior alternatives to mined gemstones.

Their drive was to introduce a new generation of jewellery lovers to these exceptional jewel alternatives. CARAT* sought out creative copywriting support adept in luxury retail to champion their work and explain their product uniqueness.

With craftmanship at the company’s core, marketing staff at CARAT* desired fresh product descriptions to trigger a passionate and highly engaged customer response to their online store. Content had to be written in a US style and absorb essential SEO keywords to aid online performance. The brief explained the importance of building consumer trust in the products, while reinforcing the strength and quality of the brand.

Adding to and editing draft text from the client, we put all our luxury retail knowhow into play for customers to fall in love with the uniqueness that is CARAT* and fully understand its quality markers.


It takes around nine months to train a single technician in the stages of sawing, pre-forming, faceting and polishing a cut CARAT* gem. Each stage of the process is performed with care and attention to the ideal proportions to yield the most brilliant stones.

We hand cut and polish every stone with meticulous attention to detail and our gems are never mass-produced by machine. We only use disciplined and experienced stone cutters to create high quality gems that are second to none.

Project overview:

  • Sector research
  • Tone of voice adoption
  • Online optimization