In-house copywriter for Harrods

There was definitely a certain buzz and glamour to be enjoyed during time spent as a copywriter for this stand-alone name in luxury retail.

Behind the scenes of Harrods Knightsbridge store, sat an in-house creative agency responsible for creating stunning on-brand text and visuals for projects of all sizes.

To have such a role is a copywriter’s dream. Whether crafting text dripping with superlatives to launch new products and promotions in high-end brochures, magazines and CRM mailouts, interviewing staff for the latest issue of the store’s quarterly staff magazine or creating concepts and text for staff engagement materials, no two days were the same.

Whether introducing fine wine or the freshest pick of Assam teas, demonstrating the enriching powers of the Beauty Halls’ latest discovery, the must-have qualities of this season’s little black dress, enthusing Sales Associates for the upcoming sale everything was written to engage, inform and keep the brand alive.

Harrods demanded thinking on your feet, a quick response to the shortest of deadlines and living the brand.

Values we continue to extend to each of our clients today.

I worked closely with Rachel during my time in the Marketing department at Harrods. Rachel would time and time again thoroughly delight us with her use of language which made reading each article she wrote a true pleasure. Rachel has a thorough understanding of her field and is one of the most approachable and reliable copywriters that I have ever worked with. In fact, shortly after leaving Harrods for a new position elsewhere, I enlisted the services of Rachel for all my copywriting needs at my new company, on a freelance basis. Rachel is pure joy to work with.

Mo Mohsenin, Head of Marketing – Linley