Setting the right tone for B2B business

Effective website builds are the result of copy specialists working alongside web developers from project outset.

This is the complete package for planning a smooth and cost-effective web build, simultaneously addressing backend functionality, frontend design features and content requirements. Taking such an approach captures specifications from project outset to help keep costs and phase 2 developments to a minimum.

Being specialists in their own field, this clear and professional approach was very much the choice of DCG Concepts for their new corporate website. This Swiss-based employer branding, recruitment marketing and talent retention agency transform life science companies by providing them with tools to attract, retain and engage valuable talent, that fit the client’s company culture.

During fact-finding video calls with DCG we helped them complete their audience questionnaire to gain a clear understanding of their brand: USPs, required look and feel, audience and competitor analysis. This approach not only helped shape the new web pages but generated their brand language, phases unique to their industry prospective clients expect to see. An essential stage in producing high-performing, impactful web content.


Candidates are choosy and professional reputation matters. Did you know, that according to over 69% of candidates, even if unemployed, would not accept a job at a company with a poor reputation!

In the way that any product needs a USP to attract a target market, each employer must define and understand their own unique Employer Brand. Knowing yourself will help build a genuine Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract the most talented candidates.

That’s where DCG Concepts comes in. We have the mindset, skills and creative know-how to shape an Employer Brand that feels like you. Together we craft effective talent strategies, aligned to your strengths. Rely on us to take an honest, in-depth look at your workplace to extract the good, the bad, and the indispensable.

Project overview:

  • Content strategy and discovery sessions
  • Crafting an effective brand experience
  • Supporting web developer achieve wire frame requirements
  • Audience-centric web content

image of DCG Concepts website - text created by Rachel Hodges - London Copywriter