Corporate storytelling for leading humanitarian charity

When producing an annual report there’s a choice to be made. Do you stick to the same old format and tick the box for another year. Or, put your audience first to produce the best read for them that you can?

HELP Logistics was looking for something new – a fresh approach to tell its corporate stories. With its background in transferring supply chain and logistics knowledge to improve the lives, opportunities and potential of people, communities and economies around the world they had many human-interest stories that weren’t being told.

From an initial onboarding session, we applied our strengths in content strategy to produce a page plan for the proposed annual report. The flow of this was carefully developed to reflect the organisation’s strategic goals, important to stakeholders, while explaining the broad achievements of HELP. It also aligned with pagination requirements for the final print.

We chose a journalistic writing style to ensure their corporate stories went beyond data and targets to share real impact for some of the world’s most vulnerable. This involved securing personal quotes from project participants to build greater story authenticity. All essential elements that had previously been missing from the piece.

Alongside editorial text, metrics were found and drawn out from the data and incorporated into the page design. This gave the designers assets to help with the flow of text and imagery and was an essential element to strengthen the storytelling properties of the text.

Project overview:

  • Gaining organization understanding
  • Pagination planning
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Fresh writing style
  • Report strapline