Shaping digital governance on an international scale

Stagecoach is more than your local bus company but one of the UK’s largest bus operators.

Since 1980, they’ve run express and local bus services across the country, overseen by Stagecoach Group who also look after Megabus, the intercity coach company.

Such extended reach is a success stories from a business point of view but from the digital perspective it had created a complex and somewhat fragmented series of websites.  In working with us, Stagecoach sought to gain stronger understanding of digital governance best practise to simplify website structures and strengthen their network of online contributors to continually be able to put customers’ needs first.

During an agreed period of research, we immersed ourselves in the client’s key strategic and branding documents to fully onboard what Stagecoach wanted their online contributors to achieve for the brand. From this, we considered their corporate opportunities, requirements and risks to create Stagecoach a comprehensive digital governance programme delivered during one-to-one feedback and training.

Project overview:

  • defining work flows
  • establishing content controls
  • selecting contributors
  • meeting requirements
  • essential standards, guidelines, policies and tools
  • content calendars
  • shaping taxonomies