Optimised content for fitness charity’s new website

One KX is London's new centre for yoga and Pilates

YMCA at One KX is a brand new centre for yoga, Pilates and meditation, set to become London’s premier mind body destination. Located in the heart of London’s vibrant Kings Cross community, OneKX is part of Central YMCA, the world’s founding YMCA and the UK’s leading health, fitness and education charity. They were looking for someone to, within tight deadlines, create content for this brand new website that expressed passion for their craft and training, yet effectively absorbed keywords to help with optimisation performance when the website launched.

Find a copywriter that understands

The team at One KX passed the draft content they’d assembled for the new website to Rachel Hodges. She held research sessions with key staff to ensure messaging would be clear for all and studied the YMCA’s tone of voice document so corporate guidelines were maintained.

Care was taken that the new content was created to lengths that fitted the website’s page templates and created a consistent look throughout. The website was also being built to be responsive across all devices, so it was essential that none of the content ran too long.

Part of a successful launch

The in-house team at One KX were working to very tight deadlines with this launch, so were reassured when the content part of the project came in on time. Completing the assignment by sending in the content with optimised metadata descriptions and notes where there should be inter-page links, Rachel made the task of uploading the content as swift as possible.