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I was asked yesterday why today’s tech-savvy business people are still reluctant to adopt SEO. This got me thinking: where does this resistance come from? By now, surely most people with a website have heard of SEO; many know it helps search engine ranking and there’s enough information about it online to sink many a battleship. Yet still businesses believe that it’s not really for them. Perhaps it all seems too much to do.

SEO: time to embrace it

The cause of this mismatch probably lies in the IT roots of SEO. Is it too easy to dismiss SEO as just another TLA or three-letter acronym to be battled with? Unsettlingly, it uses obscure phrases like ‘long tails’, ‘crawling’ and ‘algorithms’. Doesn’t that make it really for Californian IT pro’s. They, who have so successfully shrouded everything with an acronym-filled cloak of mystery that mortals are loathed to tackle it.

Another issue might be that SEO just sounds very dull and time-consuming. There’s always something else to do in an already full working day rather than battle with keywords and metrics. Why can’t I just write what I want to rather than let SEO dictate what I must do.

However you feel about it, the truth is SEO is an essential tool for your online presence. If you optimise what you do online for search engines it will make a difference to the reach of your business. You don’t need to like SEO but you do need to find both the time and energy to make SEO work for you.

Your first SEO must do!

Simply put, you must have a Google My Business (GMB) listing. Google has designed these to ensure users can find information as easily as possible. It’s a major part of the positive user experience they want others to have on their search engine.

Grasp the power of GMB

Here’s a little bit of SEO speak to explain why a GMB listing is so important.

  • a GMB listing is 25% of your domain authority (DA)
  • DA is an overall measurement that decides how relevant your website is for specific target areas and industries
  • it directly impacts on your search engine ranking.
  • Moz created the DA scale. Check out this SEO company for their free SEO tools and advice centre.

So, if you haven’t already done so, check out if you have a GMB listing. If you do and you haven’t created it then Google has done so for you. That’s ok but you don’t want to leave your SEO up to Google. Instead,  claim the business listing as your own. This way you can write your own optimised business and service descriptions and make the most of this SEO feature.

Don’t just give your opinion

Further boost your SEO with your GMB listing by asking clients and customers to review you on GMB. Email them a link, or send it via social channels. What they submit will automatically appear against your listing. It really is that simple.

I’m always on the hunt for SEO hints and tips to improve on-page SEO.

If you’d like to know more, or have a query I can help with then do get in touch.

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