SEO – what can you do about it?

I was asked yesterday why today’s tech-savvy business people are still reluctant to adopt SEO. It got me thinking where does this resistance come from? By now, surely most people with a website have heard of it; many know it helps search engine ranking and there’s enough information about it online to sink many a battleship. Yet still businesses believe that it’s not for them.

Many reasons to embrace SEO

The cause of this may lie with its IT roots. It can easily be dismissed as just another TLA or three-letter acronym in this jargon-obsessed world of ours. Unsettlingly, it uses obscure phrases such as ‘long tails’, ‘crawling’ and ‘algorithms’. Surely, it must only be intended for those in the ‘geekdom’ of California or web ‘experts’ around the globe who have so successfully shrouded everything with an acronym-filled cloak of mystery that mortals are loathed to tackle it.

Alternatively, it might be that SEO just sounds very dull and there’s always something else to do in an already full working day.

However you feel about it, the truth is SEO is very useful. If you optimise what you do online for search engines it will make a difference to who your business reaches. You may not love it as much as I but you can find both the time and energy to easily work with it.

They’ll be more about SEO coming to my Blog very soon.