Google becomes most trusted Most Trusted News Source

Read all about it… it’s been revealed that Google has become our first stop shop for news coverage. Considered a trusted source of news we’ll go first to see what Google has to offer before heading off for other traditional sources.  Read the full story

Trust is the keyword here. We’re trusting Google to give us the correct results and in return Google needs us to get our linking strategy right to help the search engine find us. Here are some top tips for linking:

  • find trusted websites (ie popular and known within their sector) who will run the story and link back to your site (inbound links)
  • include as many inbound links as you can, as long as they are relevant and trusted
  • never make links that read click here. Instead, make the link keyword terms that add value to the page such as ‘find out more by seeing our latest projects
  • create relevant links between pages on your own site
  • make it clear if links are opening up downloadable documents. After making document name add (PDF, 34KB)
  • never put seasonal information such as the year or month in the name of a document online that is regularly updated. You’ll have to refresh this everytime it’s reloaded. Instead, put this information into the text you add to the page