Today, SEO is a fairly widespread term and most people understand that optimisation is important for websites to be found in search engines. The hard part is working out what to do with that knowledge. I offer a number of solutions to strengthen the SEO of your online content to improve your website’s online performance.

SEO – some facts

In all, there are around 200 factors Google checks when determining where to position a website on its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). All factors influence how your website compares to those of your competitors and other information sources. Working with a website developer who builds your site the correct way for SEO and then creating SEO-rich content for it is a major step towards a great online presence.

Build SEO with an experienced copywriter

Google places great importance on website’s having engaging and informative content that makes the most of SEO. I create content that boosts your SEO performance and allow’s the personality of your business to shine out. This is content your customers want to read and not just get through. Read more about my creative copywriting.

Have your own SEO Content Audit

An SEO Content Audit considers the strength of your website against best current thinking around effective optimisation. I keep myself up to date with the latest optimisation know-how so the content on your website works to strongly position your business on Google search pages.

The audit will reveal a number of major factors that have a positive impact on SEO including:

  • how relevant your current on-page content is compared to search terms being entered online – demonstrated through identifying researched, relevant keywords found through Google analytics tools;
  • opportunities for new content for your website;
  • give an overview of how the structure of written content could be improved;
  • quality check of downloadable docs and images;
  • suggest link building strategy.

Working with an experienced content strategist will lead you to understand the words you should use in-page and behind the scenes for increased SEO. It will help shape your website’s functionality and naming conventions and  ensure all your content is easily found online.

SEO training

If you or your organisation would like to know more about SEO then I offer bespoke in-house training sessions. You’ll discover what are the most important SEO elements that can be controlled by the website’s content and how writing for the web is different. You’ll be shown how you can work with your website to continually grow its SEO. Get in contact if you’d like to know more.