Digital Transformation

When planning the build of a new website, or thinking of how to further develop an existing one, it’s highly beneficial to draw on the skills of a Content Strategist. Not only can they help you understand customer requirements, you’ll receive a clear vision of the digital transformation of your website that you can work through with a web developer for a website with high performance values.

By taking a detailed brief from you, I help my clients discover available choices and the importance of thinking like a consumer. Let’s work together to find out:

  • the core reasons and functions of your website
  • how the website will reflect your business
  • the key tasks the website should feature
  • the level of detail new content should go to
  • the quality and usefulness of any existing website content
  • keyword insight based around current trend by online users

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Throughout this planning stage, I ensure that all my recommendations for any digital transformation fully comply with the latest approaches to enhanced SEO performance. This is the start of ensuring that your website will perform well on Google and other search engine results pages. Find out more about my SEO services.

Creative content

Developing an effective website relies on high performing written content; content that is fully optimised for SEO and understands the many way that writing for the web is so different. Depending on the needs of your business I can support all your content requirements; whether they be writing your web content or training you or your staff in the skills of writing effective web content. Read more about my skills with creative content.