Content migration

To reduce costs and time wastage you need effective planning when migrating content from an existing website onto a new one. When deadlines are pressing, it’s essential to have a robust audit of your content to understand the quality of what you have and to identify new areas that need written copy. By fully absorbing the needs of the new website’s Information Architecture (IA), my role as Content Strategist ensures projects are kept on target and that only quality content is brought over to the new website for go live. When embarking on a migration task my adopted approach involves:

  • undertaking a full audit of the quality and location of all current website content
  • forecasting effort estimates around moving existing content and creating new
  • optimising all content

Building content

Depending on the skills and resources of your in-house team, I can provide a complete service around supplying and editing new content. My robust knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fully adopted through all the digital content I create. This will be highly beneficial for go live of the new website, as pages build up their search engine ranking positions. Working forward, my training can help you or your in-house team build up your own SEO skills and understanding around why writing for the web is different.