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SEO – what can you do about it?

I was asked yesterday why today’s tech-savvy business people are still reluctant to adopt SEO. It got me thinking where does this resistance come from? By now, surely most people with a website have heard of it; many know it helps search engine ranking and there’s enough information about it online to sink many a […]

Scrolling – good for fingers but not for SEO

As a Content Strategist I’m on a mission. The brief I’ve chosen – to keep up to speed with what’s happening out there in web development land. I make sense of how it will impact on SEO and what this means for my clients and collaborators. Today we’re on a voyage for the parallax. Website […]

Google overtakes traditional media to become Most Trusted News Source

Read all about it… it’s been revealed that Google has become our first stop shop for news coverage. Considered a trusted source of news we’ll go first to see what Google has to offer before heading off for other traditional sources.  Read the full story Trust is the keyword here. We’re trusting Google to […]

Working with SEO just couldn’t be simpler

Here’s the latest in my series of posts about SEO and how you really can do it. Covering off some simple basics Try this – when you think SEO think simple. There are simple ways you can improve your Search Engine Optimisation that will grow your business. It is worth some of your time to […]