Online shop sees traffic grow with SEO Audit

SEO client of Rachel Hodges, Bohohemp

Established online retailer, Bohohemp, wanted to grow its customer base and better connect with potential customers through search engines. They knew that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) would be a helpful tool to achieve this but with so much of their time committed to the business they didn’t feel able to tackle it.

Bohohemp brought in Rachel Hodges to carry out an SEO Audit to better understand potential customers. Plus, they were looking for clear, optimised improvements to make to their in-page content and back-end page build.

Where to start with SEO

To give Bohohemp SEO success the audit found a set of robust keywords, tailored for their business. These keywords matched the terms users were adopting in online searches. Plus, analytics work revealed when these terms were used across the seasons and in what parts of the world. All this resulted in great data to influence online content and digital marketing strategy.

With keywords in place, time was taken to assess how well on-page web content and back-end development were currently using keywords for greatest SEO impact. The SEO Audit identified a comprehensive list of improvements that the client was easily able to put into action.

Improved SEO brings success

With a clearer vision for their website and online marketing strategy, Bohohemp saw website traffic double in the first month alone after the SEO Audit was completed. They discovered for themselves the benefits of gaining customer insight and maximising the impact of their online presence.

Since finishing this audit, Bohohemp came back to me to create engaging and keyword-rich product text to support some of their major brands. I developed a tone of voice that was true to the Bohohemp brand and used keywords that helped to improve the SEO of the text.

Another Customer testimonial

“Rachel has worked for shots on a number of occasions and has, in every instance, proved herself to be an intelligent and reliable journalist.  She is able to understand the market quickly and produce copy that is both business oriented as well as smartly and creatively written, something crucial to shots’ style.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other business publications, especially those with a creative leaning.” Danny Edwards, Editor Shots magazine

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