Freelance writer for Selfridges

Highlighting a range of copywriting projects for Selfridges

Being a freelance writer brings you so many great opportunities and among my best has been working for Selfridges. The household name that brings you funky luxury with a high-street vibe invited me to create customer engagement content for all its stores. The brief: to entice customers to come instore to snap up must-have buys and the best of discounts. Using the fewest of words, I had to make Selfridges the hottest ticket in town.

Other assignments brought different challenges. Creating snappy and mouthwateringly delicious text was a must for their Christmas Hamper brochure. A visit to the photo shoot and a chat with the stylist got me brimming with ideas. Spotting what made each hamper so special not only inspired its description in the brochure but also the hamper’s name. A project like this is a great study of how to write very similar things in a variety of ways. Each hamper had to be unique and repetition kept to a minimum.

Being the brains behind the text for Selfridges’ quarterly staff magazine was my time to allow the people behind the store to shine. The brief: to interview staff from across the stores on their careers and successes and balance this with product stories and company news. It was a such a privilege to explore the store from every angle and to harness a different style of writing. This text needed to have the flow of a newspaper supplement while still remaining big on brand.